Our card catalog contains cross-referenced information on over 350,000 individuals.  Although we do not yet have a comprehensive digital index, we are working on building smaller subsets of data for our users.

  • The Card File Index is a list of every surname in the Society’s card catalog.  Currently there are over 350,000 cards in the catalog, tracking over 15,000 surnames.  The Index is 114 page .pdf document that you may download and search.  The absence of a name does not necessarily mean that the person you are looking for is not contained in our records, but will likely require a little more research to identify.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries.  Download the card catalog index here.  (650KB)
  • The Families of Hancock County index contains an alphabetical list of major surnames in the county. Download a .pdf file of the index here.  **Updated 10/24/2014**
  • The 1918 Prairie Farmer’s Reliable Directory is a valuable listing of farm families, vendors who supplied them, as well as a list of automobile and tractor owners.  Download a .pdf file of the index here.