In 1923, the Board of Supervisors for Hancock County, Illinois voted to build an orphanage to care for children within the county.  (County children to this point were cared for at an orphanage outside of county boundaries.)  Land at 136 Wabash Avenue, Carthage, was purchased in 1923; upon completion of construction the Children’s Memorial Home was dedicated on May 6, 1925.   By year’s end, 22 children were in residence.  With strong support from the community, the Home operated until October, 1935.

The Historical Society has a dedicated binder of information regarding the Home and its residents.  It includes newspaper articles, a transcript of incorporation papers, a chronology of significant events, and a list (with some details) of children who lived there.

A list of children who lived at the home may be downloaded here.  Please contact the Society for additional information about these children or the Home.