The Historical Society maintains a collection of books that cover family histories, town and county history, and photographs. 

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Hancock County Illinois: A Pictorial History
138 pages. By Kathryn Burkett & Don Parker
A wonderful compilation of old photos from around the county; truly a history of the county told visually. Many of the important landmarks are no longer standing, so this represents many of our old treasures.
Historic Sites and Structures of Hancock County Illinois
431 pages. Published by the Hancock County Historical Society and the Hancock County Bicentennial Commission with the support of the Hancock County Board, 1979.
A history of important sites and structures in the county over the course of its development. Not only does it include a history of these sites, but many old photos as well. It is also a wonderful genealogy tool if one is lucky enough to find an ancestor in photos taken of various activities and homes of the area. 1 copy left. Used, in good condition.
157 pages.
Dedicated to artist Lane K. Newberry, whose drawings and paintings of Nauvoo are included with historical accounts of early pioneers who settled in this beautiful city on the banks of the Mississippi River. It truly is a history told in art form and contains drawings from pre-restoration to post-restoration of the flats in Nauvoo.
Search for Brotherhood, Peace, & Justice
By Lillian Snyder.
This book is a story about the French Icarians who established a community based on teachings of Etienne Cabet, a great believer in equality, brotherhood of man, and communal living. The Icarians settled in Nauvoo following the exodus of the Mormons to Utah.
I'll Be Seeing You
This book contains a collection of newspaper accounts related to WWII from the years 1941-1945. It covers little known facts such as the role of nearby Camp Ellis and German prisoners who performed prison work in Hancock County. It also discusses women in the military and the impact of the war on farming and businesses in the area. A large section is devoted to biographies and brief histories of some 3200 area veterans who served their country in the war.
Grandad's Automobiles
By Don Parker. 261 pages.
Long-time Hancock County historian Don Parker has assembled a collection of old newspaper advertisements from around the country. He also includes a few of his memories of automobiles and a history of every auto featured in the ads he found. Historians and auto enthusiasts will find a wealth of information and a delightful collection of advertisements.
Stoves and Stories to Warm the Heart and Home
By Janet Barr Hall-Holtman. 123 pages.
A history of wood and coal burning stoves, art history of stove designs, and local history of stove manufacturing and dealers in the area captured in old newspaper ads. It also incorporates stories and nostalgia surrounding our love of these cast iron beauties.
Significant Ladies and 1 Elderly Gentleman of Hancock County, Illinois
By Larry Coleman. 111 pages.
Includes histories of interesting women who played a significant role in county history, and pays tribute to women who served in the military. An example is Virginia Cherrill, a county native who acted with notables such as Charlie Chaplin and subsequently married Cary grant. Another is the sad tale of a young girl who once lived in the county and was later held in captivity by Native Americans for many years.
Families of Hancock County, Illinois: A Biographical History
2004, Hancock County Historical Society. 572 pages.
Presents a timeline of historic events, a brief history of the county, and a compilation of family histories as submitted by a multitude of families per the request of the Society.
Hancock County, Illinois in the Civil War: Reflections
By Judith L. Kammerer. 326 pages.
This book tells of the soldiers from Hancock County, Illinois and neighboring counties and how the citizens of the county reacted to the war. Includes personal accounts, copies of documents, and photos of gravestones.
Brown Water Boating
By Dean Gabbert.
This book depicts life on the Mississippi River as seen through the eyes of the author , a "full-time river man" who took up residence along the banks of the Mississippi River after a career as a newspaper journalist. This book is for you if you are interested in the river, tug boats, Coast Guard cutters, and other types of river craft.Two copies left.
Lomax History
By G. Smith and Bill Lionberger.
This delightful book is compiled from the memories and collection of a long time resident of the Lomax area. It is both fascinating and enlightening as it tells a story of the hopes and dreams of its early settlers. Only a few remnants remain of the buildings in this small town. Photographs present a glimpse of Lomax's colorful past.
Mansion on the Prairie
Drawings by David A. Barger
Includes descriptions of architecture and history of buildings of the courthouse and square of Carthage, Illinois.
My Dear Aunt Martha
By Barbara J. Shave. 436 pages.
A 19th century epic from the letters of those who lived it. Contains history related to the Mormon Conflict and the perspective of the old settlers who experienced it.
Montebello Township: A Self-Guided Tour
By Jan Holtman. 78 pages.
This booklet is designed to assist genealogists and history buffs in navigating around Montebello Township to historical sites of interest. It includes a history of early river settlements, pioneers, and stories unique to the township that includes the town of Hamilton and early villages of Oakwood, Montebello, and others.
Illustrated Historical Atla of Hancock County, Illinois
Reproduction of 1874 atlas.
Provides a wonderful bird's eye view of early towns and villages. Includes statistics (population, agriculture, etc.), early newspaper history, and many illustrations of early sites and structures. Also includes a listing of "subscribers" by township, with their residence and business listings.
Hancock County, IL Marriages - Volumes I, II, III (set)
$27 set of three volumes
History of Matthew and Jane Ellison, VII
Compiled by fifth generation Ellison descendants. 262 pages.
Information is taken from long-time resident Mary Siegfried's records. Contains biographical information, photos, and various maps to locate pertinent cemeteries in the county. A gem for anyone interested in the history of this family.
Let the Lower Lights be Burning
By Dean Gabbert.
This book is sure to delight any riverboat enthusiast who enjoys tales of the characters who navigated the Mississippi River in and around Spunky Point (now Warsaw), Illinois. Includes details related to the Des Moines rapids and challenges related to building the river canal.
1968 History of Hancock County
Used copy.Only one left.
1955 Pictorial
Used copy.Only one left.
Steamboats, River Navigation & The Tri-States
By Jan Holtman.
A timeline view of life along the Mississippi in the tri-state area of Hancock County, Illinois; Lee County, Iowa; and Clark County, Missouri fro the time of early settlements, and travelers, to present day river life experiences. It also presents a picture of the many challenges of river life and the early settler's attempts at carving out a meaningful life along its beautiful banks.